MyCareerMatch has been at the forefront of matching prospective students to careers and courses for Further Education Colleges and the growing Apprenticeship sector. Our work in this area acknowledges that higher education (HE) has a crucial role to play in supporting individuals, businesses and other organisations to develop the skills needed to maintain competitiveness.  The growth in online study and the push for employees to upskill particularity in new technologies has created an opportunity for people to study at home, at work or on campus, part-time or full-time at a pace to match their lifestyle. 

Migas Apprenticeships and Trainees

MIGAS is the home of traditional trade training for apprentices, trainees and school-based trainees, specialising in the electrical, HVAC, engineering, mining and manufacturing sectors. MIGAS provides an end-to-end solution for the recruitment, placement and ongoing management of high quality apprentices and trainees right through to completion. This solution enables employers to completely outsource the sourcing and ongoing management of their apprentice and trainee workforce for business as usual or special projects. In 2016 MIGAS introduced a customised MyCareerMatch ‘MiTrade’ Career Profile to assist youth decide on the best apprenticeship for them.

Maap My Future

MAAP My Future was an initiative of Auto Skills Australia to promote apprenticeship and careers in the automotive industry. The programme was funded by a Government grant and designed to attract new apprentices and connect with partner industries. The programme had a 93% retention rate due to two factors. 1) matching student strengths with the skills required, and 2) providing mentors with a guide to engaging apprentices and resolving problems. This led to high retention rates. Deloittes who audited the funding reported this as a best practice and good example of a programme outcome. The programme ran for two years and over 4,500 young people completed their profile with 25% taking up an apprenticeship or training.

Northern Sydney Institute (NSI)

Northern Sydney Institute is part of the TAFE (Technical and Further Education colleges) network providing technical, vocational and apprenticeship courses to 3 million students. In 2014 NSI TAFE decided to promote its courses to non-university students and together with MyCareerMatch launched a customised report matching careers to TAFE courses. A dedicated site, (http://info.tafensi.com.au/discover/) was launched to promote and collect leads.

Ivy College

IVY College helps students successfully navigate their way to the perfect profession. Ivy’s Career Coaches have extensive knowledge across a wide range of occupations, industries and courses and use MyCareerMatch to match students with careers and courses. They provide students with effective, up-to-the-minute advice on their chosen career path and employment options. This career guidance and coaching service is available to all Ivy College students, as a 1-hour telephone consultation, prior to their graduation. Following their confidential consultation, students receive a written career assessment report – giving them the confidence they need to take that next step towards a career they love.


IVY College 

Online Careers Australia 


Ascent Learning Group


MAAP My Future


Here are a few industry groups and association clients who use MyCareerMatch to match students with the right careers and courses:

MRAEL is the leading ‘one solution’ provider of education, training and employment solutions providing quality workforce solutions. MRAEL has consistently delivered comprehensive apprentice, training and workforce development solutions to businesses and individuals across Australia. www.mrael.com.au

SKILLSET has employed and trained through to completion thousands of apprentices and trainees. In the 15 years from 2000 it successfully completed 3078 apprentices in their nominated trade, who have gone on to contribute to keeping our skills base local and our regional trades supplied with quality trades professionals. www.skillset.com.au

SKILLS OZ is committed to supporting the needs of the construction and property services industry to advance education and training, support employment and skills development, and contribute to high quality training products and services. www.skillsoz.com.au