university client success stories

Here is a snapshot of some of our university clients and how they are successfully using MyCareerMatch for lead generation, student engagement, outreach and recruitment; communicating their message and brand in the community and building a database of future students.


The University of South Australia (UniSA) introduced a University Aspirations Program in 2010 with a focus on Career Awareness introducing the program with low SES schools in South Australia. The programme uses MyCareerMatch to map the student’s skills encouraging them to aspire to higher education.

Results have been outstanding and MyCareerMatch has been expanded to over 250 schools and youth service organisations in South Australia (population 1.8 million). Between 2012 and 2016 UniSA student liaison team, armed with the MyCareerMatch, engaged with 51,000 students and 481 Careers Advisers and Teachers through 235 school interactions.


Middlesex University commenced using MyCareerMatch in 2014. MyCareerMatch reports are customised for MDX and link recommended careers to matching MDX courses and to the National Career Service (NCS) website for job and career information. Middlesex University uses MyCareerMatch as part of their student outreach programmes. The feedback they have received from Careers Advisers and students has been positive and enthusiastic, as the tool builds confidence and empowers students to make more informed choices about their higher education. In mid 2016 Middlesex South Asia introduced MDX Career Match to secondary schools in India to encourage Indian students to study at Middlesex University.


RMIT is based in Melbourne and is one of Australia’s largest universities with 57,000 enrolments of which 46% are international students mostly from Asia. The Student Recruitment Team offer MyCareerMatch free to selected schools in their catchment area for use by students Years 10 – 12. Currently the university supports 175 secondary schools providing students with in-class and campus visit access to MyCareerMatch. The system provides a copy to the school’s Career Adviser and the data captured by RMIT is used to engage with students and their parents.


In 2016 Sussex University introduced “Making Choices” a MyCareerMatch ‘middle school’ product for Year 7 - 9 students to discover who they are and what their personal strengths are. Making Choices is about appreciating people differences and diversity and encouraging younger students to be the best at whatever they do. The report is a combination workbook and report, ideal for campus visits or outreach programmes. Suggested careers are linked to the National Career Service. The information in the report helps guide students and builds positive relationships with them, getting them to start thinking about the future, even from an early age.


In 2012 Charles Darwin University (CDU) commenced its online study and university pathways promotion “NextLife Finder”. This was powered by MyCareerMatch and offered a free career report via social media, print, television and online marketing. The promotion attracted tens of thousands of leads and increased CDU’s online learning enrolments substantially. Next Life Finder won the Australian Marketing Institute Award for Marketing Excellence using the MyCareerMatch assessment. In a three-year period the promotion attracted 34,000 users who provided contact details for CDU to engage with.


Middlesex University

RMIT University

Sussex University

University of New England